Custom Afrikan Lapel Pin

Custom Afrikan Lapel Pin


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Wood handmade, unique and exclusive Lapel Pin by SomeKoldPieces.

Handcrafted wooden, unique Lapel Pin The perfect subtle statement of style. Perfect for all occasions from weddings to black-tie. Made exclusively by SomeKoldPieces.

These unique exclusive Lapel Pins by SomeKoldPieces are something you have never seen before. We are presenting it as a new way to express your style. The patterns of wood are unique and you will never see an identical one. We make a wide range of Lapel Pins, from casual to custom. We love to see our clients happy! Our clients range from 1 to 100. Each of our Lapel Pins are handmade with ECO friendly materials. We are sure you will enjoy our Lapel Pins and will turn heads with our “Art You Can Wear!”